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Apple OS X download Mavericks was announced in June 2013 and was released in the month of October the same year. It was the 10th big release of Mac OS X line, after being rebranded in 2002 by Apple from its previous product line of Mac OS.

At the time of release, Mavericks was marketed and promoted as a major release by Apple similar to how they marketed the Lion and Mountain Lion OS X updates which were the predecessors of Mavericks.

Before we talk about how to download Mavericks OS of Mac OS X, let’s first take a look at what’s new on Mavericks in order for you to get a feel of what you will be experiencing once you’ve installed this version of the Mac OS X.

Afterward, we’ll discuss few things that you should do before you upgrade your OS to the new Mavericks version in order to make sure your computer is all ready for the new upgrade.

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Download Mavericks

What’s new in Download Mavericks – Mac OS X 10.9

The new OS offers over 200 features from its predecessor, Mountain Lion giving real value to the Mac user and enough reasons to upgrade. So if you’re reading this article, I’m sure you’re also thinking the same. This introduces Maps and iBooks to the Mac user and it also includes a more enhanced version of Safari. It also introduces Finder Tabs and improves the internal performance of the Mac as well as its power efficiency, simply increased battery life.

The iBooks lets you create your own library within your Mac device. By launching iBooks on your Mac, it provides you quick access to the books in your library but more importantly, it gives you access to millions of books in Apple iBooks store which can be bought online. You only need to add it to your library once and it will be available across all your Apple devices, which is a really great feature from a user experience point of view. Maps, on the other hand, brings you a very powerful application to search places, calculate distances between places, schedule trips and even access them from your iPhone to get directions while you’re driving on the road.

The compatibility to use the application across multiple apple devices adds a lot of value to both iBooks and Maps. The new download Mavericks also brings an improved Calendar to you which is capable of calculating the time between your daily appointments and suggest you with directions on Maps. The new and improved Safari introduces you to share links, which lets you consolidate links shared by your followers on Twitter and LinkedIn. Performance wise it brings multi-display support for Mac enabling users to easily switch between displays with minimum or no configuration requirements.

Is Your Device Ready For Download Mavericks?

The new Mac OS X is compatible with any Mac PC that was previously running Mac OS X version 10.8 - Mountain Lion. Apart from that any Mac device that is running on Snow Leopard (Mac version OS X 10.6.8) or later which has 2GB RAM and 8 GB of free internal storage is fully compatible to receive the download Mavericks upgrade.

The following Mac devices are considered to be fully compatible to run Mac OS X Mavericks.

Although the above set of Mac devices are compatible with the download Mavericks upgrade, several features such as multi-display, Power Nap will be available only for selected models.

Likewise, although the recommended hardware requirement is 2 GB RAM and 8 GB of free hard disk space for running download Mavericks, speaking from experience it would run a lot smoother on 4GB memory and if you have 15GB – 20GB free internal storage space. This depends highly on your current Mac OS X version. If you having an earlier version than Mountain Lion, then it is advised to have more space over 12 GB to have a smooth day to day experience.

Download Mavericks

Few Things To Do Before You Download Mavericks And Install

It is always a good option to free some space on your drive if possible before you install the new version of Mac OS X. Since you will also need space for temporary files for the applications you will be using in addition to the OS requirements, you are advised to perform a disk space check on your drive to see to delete unnecessary junk on your device. You can use utility software such as Grand Perspective or What Size in order to assist you to clean up your drive.

Next thing to do is to run a hardware test on your Apple device. If your Mac was released before June of 2013 then you can use the Apple Hardware Test software and for Macs released after June 2013, you shall run Apple Diagnostics software to check for existing hardware issues such as disk errors etc.

The next thing you need to do is something very important. You must create a backup of your Mac and then test this backup. You are recommended to use a software such as Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper to clone a backup that is bootable. You can even get away with a Time Machine backup also, but that’s a choice that you will have to make on your own. Your own experience in using Mac devices will tell you that.

Clone Backup For Download Mavericks Install

For a first-timer, the benefit of using a clone backup is you get to easily boot your device with an exact copy of your existing drive in case something goes wrong. The difference in a time machine backup is that it keeps your most recent as well as older versions of documents. After backing up your drive you should also test the backup you have taken to ensure you’re safe in case something goes wrong.

To test a bootable clone backup

Access System Preferences  >> Startup Disk Pane to boot (your device from the backup created) >> and verify (success or not).

In order to test a time machine backup, you can restore files in different versions to ensure your document's data is recoverable if something bad happens while the upgrade is processing. Depending on your need you can either use one or both methods to back up your Mac before you upgrade your OS to a newer version, which is, of course, Mavericks in this case.

Guide for Snow Leopard Users For Install Mavericks

For Snow Leopard users, they need to disable File Vault in order to upgrade to download Mavericks. This is a must to do if you’re currently using Mac OS X Snow Leopard version. This is due to the fact that since later Mac OS X versions from Snow Leopard is using an improved encryption technology called File Vault 2. Therefore this really is the best time to embrace the new and advanced encryption for your File Vault. It is always good to have no incompatibilities between your current version and the version you wish to upgrade to, as it lowers the risk of any failures that may occur. So it is best advised to disable File Vault before you start your upgrade to download Mavericks.

Once you’ve successfully upgraded, you can enable File Vault 2 by accessing System Preferences >> Security & Privacy pane of your Mac.

Disabling Third-Party Disk Encryption

The last thing you would need to do is to disable third-party disk encryption if you have installed any software on your current Mac. Security features like encryption play a key role in an upgrade so as was the case with File Vault, it is similarly advised to disable any 3rd party software that you’ve installed in order to enable disk encryption. Because many of these 3rd part software interact directly with your Mac at a system level (OS level), incompatibilities between the two Operating Systems can lead to unnecessary problems leading up to leaving you unable to boot your Mac computer or leaving you not able to access any of your data at all.

This is why disk encryption disabling is key before you run an OS upgrade on your Mac device. Once you’ve safely installed download Mavericks on your device and you’re satisfied with its performance you can once again seek 3rd party disk encryption software that is compatible with your new OS X download Mavericks and enable disk encryption. But my recommendation is the built-in disk encryption File Vault 2 provides advanced encryption features which are really enough for most users. So once you’ve upgraded to Mac OS X download Mavericks, you may need to think again whether you really want to install 3rd party software for disk encryption or whether File Vault 2 satisfies your requirements enough.